Rydell High School is the primary setting of the Grease and Grease 2 movies

Venice High School (Grease)

Excelsior High School (Grease 2)

Grease 2 Rydell model

3D model of Grease 2 Rydell - Excelsior High School

Unlike Grease 1978's filming locations, all of Grease 2's Rydell scenes were filmed on-site at Excelsior High School (

G2 auditorium North exit

Auditorium north end

West of the main building, its north end is where Steph reamed Michael Carrington with Cool Rider (Song). Same north area is where Johnny Nogerelli and Michael did their transaction, in the fenced-in hallway. The entrance for the June Moon Talent Show was on its west side.

G2 Cafeteria

3D model of the cafeteria building used for filming `Charades'

The Rydell cafeteria, where Charades was filmed, is actually not the actual Excelsior High School cafeteria - that's actually at the north end of the school, near the tree Steph was leaning against when Mr. Stuart arrived.

Track & Field

G2 Field-Scoreboard

Track & field, north

Where Coach Calhoun was drilling the T-Birds, using a Tackling Sled, which - on Calhoun's orders - they pushed towards an open hole in the field.

3D model of Rydell

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