Principal McGee is a character from Grease. She is principal of Rydell High School. Strict, authoritative, but willing to (somewhat) boogie on down during Rydell's parties, especially the 1959 National Bandstand Dance-off. She was attractive in an I Love Lucy Lucille Ball kind of way; Dressed conservatively, her brown-then-later-coppery red hair usuallly done up in a tight bun (Grease) or large, wide bun (Grease 2).

Though generally stern, she seemed to forgive minor infractions, like when she was to explain the Dance-Off rules, a student in the crowd yelled "`F' THE RULES!!" (Listen during that scene, you can hear it). She reacted with shock, but made no move to punish (at least not onscreen).

During the 1961-1962 semester, she was still strict and authoritative, but still forgiving of student's wild proclivities. She, Blanche Hodel and Ms. Yvette Mason were the judges during the auditions for the upcoming June Moon Talent Show. When Stacie & Gracie performed Brad, The Song, with the actual Brad accompanying, after the song got too sappy, Mrs. McGee cut them off, to Ms. Mason's protest "But these are My girls." `No shit' Mrs. McGee seemed to be thinking when she said, deadpan, "I know, dear. NEXT!"

Fan-made Apocrypha:

In 1955, prior to her tenure at Rydell, Mrs. McGee worked a few months in Southern California, in the Hill Valley School District, where she met Gerald Strickland, the hard-as-nails principal at Hill Valley High School. November 13, while she was visiting the school after the famous Hill Valley Lightning Storm that incapacitated the Clock Tower, Mr. Strickland told her of the `Enchantment Under The Sea Dance'. Though he was, as stated earlier, hard-as-nails, he admitted that some of the music was acceptable, especially the first half of a new song called `Johnny. B. Goode', played by Marvin Berry And The Starlighters' accompanied by the apparently musically-gifted slacker, Calvin Klein. The song started off with a good beat, a marvelously uplifting tune that made even Mr. Strickland involuntarily move his feet. But the song suddenly deteriorated to raucous noise at the finale, with Klein going wild on guitar and kicking over amplifiers.

When Mrs. McGee, Ms. Mason, and Blanche were watching the sappy Prep-Tones perform [ Mr. Sandman]], Mrs. McGee thought back to `Johnny B. Goode', bemoaning the fact that Rydell needed that kind of talent.

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