Grease 2 Pool of enchantment

The Pool of Enchantment

The Pool of Enchantment was a large collapsible temporary pool set up in the center of the football field, decorated as a Hawaiian pool.

The first to use the pool was Mr. Stuart and Ms. Yvette Mason, while students jammed along the pool's deck, and a very-much-alive Michael Carrington could be seen sitting nearby, eating a cotton candy.

At dusk, the party was still blazing, and the dancers stopped on the deck, bending backwards as far as they could go.


As the filming at night was cold, apparently the pool was not heated, which was a hardship for the actors outside of the waters, but torture for the raft-bearers conveying Michelle Pfeiffer and Adrian Zmed in full costume, the bearers had to go into the frigid water.
Grease 2 Luau Pool of Enchantment - nighttime boogie

Luau Boogie!!

If you look closely when the last Cycle Lords stunt cycler who took a header into the pool, you can see the wire that caught the tire of his motorcycle, flipping him into the water. It was hidden enough though that you can only see it if you're paying insanely close attention.

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