Pfeil's Cycle Salvage Yard was a location in Grease 2.

It was where Michael Carrington purchased a scrapped motorcycle and rebuilt it into a 'Cool
Michael at the cycle salvage

Pfeil's Cycle Salvage Yard

Rider', Michael's Lone Rider persona's motorized `Steed'.

At a glance, the scrapped cycles at the salvage yard didn't look `very, very serviceable', but with the right tools and the talent, who knew what kind of thundering beast might be created here? One man's junk may be another man's asphalt-shredding motorcycle!

Despite the conditions of the cycles, Pfeil's got a lot of decent business, including the Cycle Lords, who were surprisingly cordial to the manager, G.E. Salva.

The location was at 17647 Lakewood Boulevard, Bellflower, CA 90706-6409, formerly Lakewood Salvage

The name `Pfeil's' was taken from the Grease 2 novel by William Rotsler.

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