Ms. Yvette Mason is a character from the 1982 movie Grease 2. She's the teacher who all the guys in the school have a crush on, especially the T-Birds and Mr. Stuart.

Ms. Mason was `loaded for bear': Trim, curvy, well-proportioned, and stacked! Not just in the chest area, made prominent by her low-cut blue-green blouse and black lacey cape, but also her platinum blonde hair. Blonde tresses piled and stacked atop her head - not a bun exactly, more an upsweep of curls - which she was liberally spraying with hair spray, creating a near-impenetrable sheath of armor.

She had a very sweet, sultry voice that was hot enough to fracture glass.

"Look, I'd love to see all of you in Music Appreciation this year, okay?" Apparently they had skipped out the previous semester.

Not missing a beat, Johnny Nogerelli said suggestively, "I'd like to see all of you in Music Appreciation this year." Louis DiMucci elbowed him playfully as Goose McKenzie snickered.

Normally, a more strict female teacher would take offense at the entendre, but not Ms. Mason. She smiled as she said suggestively, "You just might."

By all that’s holy and sacred, did she just indicate she might `bare all’ for the T-Birds??? Must be a new Music Appreciation enrollment incentive!

After she departed, Davey Jaworski cried out, "I think I'm in love!!"

She immediately became smitten with Mr. Stuart upon their first meeting in the main hallway.

In Reproduction, when Mr. Stuart read from his textbook "`Where do babies come from?'" Ms. Mason said softly, and this was dripping with innuendo, "If you need me, I’ll be right over here." She would know where babies come from (wink-wink).

Later, while she was observing the class' wild dancing, Aurelio was carried over to her by Willie Willard, Dennis Jimenez, and Roy and he sang to her, "Is it possible the female member of some sex on a couch could, like, get this guy all hot and she never even knew it?" To which Mr. Stuart answered "Negative!"

At the Lani Kai Lani Luau, she and Mr. Stuart were apparently a couple, because in the middle of the Pool of Enchantment, the two of them were in a ceremonial raft, and they obscured themselves with pom-poms as they leaned in for a kiss.

She was played by Connie Stevens, who was 44 at the time of Grease 2, making Ms. Mason's birth year 1917.

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