Martin Misner - Martin Meisner in German - was a Music Appreciation student at Rydell.

In the south end of the 2nd floor, Mrs. McGee was walking by, and Martin Misner rushed up to her, crying "Nosebleed!", to which Mrs. McGee answered, "Nurse. Room 11." And he dashed past the classroom where the `Reproduction' scene would later be held, and to the southwest stairway.

Later, at the June Moon Talent Show, he was on right after Willie Willard's over-the-top performance of Cry (song), performing on what Mrs. McGee called his `Red hot.. accordion.

His performance seemed to be the worst of the bunch, a droning polka tune with Flamenco dancers skittering around an ornate Spanish fan. In the audience, Mr. Stuart was almost put to sleep by the aural barrage.

Martin Misner's somnetic properties

Martin Misner's accordion has hypnotic properties

But equipment malfunction to the rescue!! The Spanish fan piece snapped in half, interrupting the performance.

Martin Misner - Talent show 3 - Equipment malfunction!

``Equipment malfunction to the rescue!!

Mrs. McGee called it quits with "Thank you, Martin Misner," motioning for him to leave the stage so the Calendar Girls could perform.

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