Lucy Dickens was a character in Grease 2, played by Lucinda Dickey

In Score Tonight, Lucy and Chuck McGovern wore pink bowling shirts, and were seen twirling together.

Chuck and Lucy

Charles McGowan and Lucinda Dickey

In Reproduction, she was wearing yellow, like Stacie & Gracie, and answered Mr. Stuart's "Quest for satisfaction" question: "A Photoperiodic Reaction!!" She was also the one who answered Bernie Dillard's question of "Hey, I'm lost! Where are we?!" She answered "Chapter two" while Willie Willard amended "Page five!"

At the June Moon Talent Show try-outs and final performance of Girl For All Seasons, Lucy played the month "November", wearing a Horn-of-Plenty headpiece. Her final costume for the talent show was said horn, but also a pilgrim suit, and a turkey tail feather headpiece

Lucinda Dickey NOVEMBER

Lucinda Dickey as Lucy, November (Sorry it's blurry)

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