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|name= Kenickie |image= Grease (2) |alias= Kenickie |gender= Male |age= 17/18 |eyes= Pale-blue |hair= Dirty-blond |affiliation= Student At Rydell High School |occupation= lieutenant of the T-Birds |relatives=  "Kenickie" (nèe Cane)is a member (2nd in command) of the T-Birds, and bestfriends of Danny Zuko. His girlfriend is Betty Rizzo. He is portrayed by Jeff Conaway.


Kenickie is a cool guy with a matching hungerness in his tummy. He is always seen with Rizzo his girlfriend, he seems Cordial and will do everything for the one he loves.


Kenickie is always seen throughout the movie wearing his typical outfit of: T-Bird leather jacket; dark-blue jeans; a white wife beater shirt; a golden necklace around his neck; and typical black shoes.

His facial features consists of dark-blond hair slicked back with gel, a cigarette behind one ear; and pale blue eyes.


Hat keinen Pariser, Baby!


Kenickie Hey Rizzo, I hear you're knocked up.

Kenickie, Drive-in theater

Kenickie The problem's in your mouth.

Kenickie, Garage


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