John Richard "Johnny" Nogerelli is a character from the movie Grease 2. He is the leader the T-Birds, possibly succeeded Danny after he graduated. He is the obvious leader: Italian, extremely cocky and self-assured, but seemingly shallow and chauvinistic. He had a habit, either intentional or otherwise, of taking `big words' and mispronouncing them, to comical effect. Despite his flaws, though, he was a natural leader. Slightly short, about 5'6, but powerfully built like a tank to compensate. Sporting all black - jeans, sleeveless muscle shirt, belt, motorcycle boots, leather jacket with the T-Birds logo stitched on the back, and a Pompadour haircut that would put `Knute Rockne' actor Ronald Reagan to shame - he was the epitome of cool.

It was revealed that he and Stephanie Zinone used to go steady during the previous school year, but she broke up with him over the summer, feeling outgrown of their relationship and his chauvinistic ways. He doesn't seem to get it, though.

He flirts with Paulette Rebchuck, starting a relationship with her, saying during Score Tonight, "I'm giving her therapy for her disease." Goose asked, "What disease??" "Nymphoid-mania!" 

Upon learning that Stephanie was falling for someone else, he became furious and envious, threatening to fight the Cool Rider if he saw him with Steph again. When he saw her with Michael Carrington, he told her to leave the Pink Ladies to save his rep. He also subtly threatened to harm Michael if she refused.

He and the T-Birds chased Lone Rider to a construction site Dead Man's Curve, in which Lone Rider's motorcycle-jumped off, seemingly to his demise. This convinced them that he was dead, leaving Steph inconsolable, and Johnny feeling guilty.

Thanks to winning the Boy's Division of the June Moon Talent Show, he was crowned `King' of the Luau, and Stephanie was crowned `Queen'. He tried to console her in her sullen sad mood by reminding her "Come on, we're having a good time! It's a Luau!" And then he immediately dropped his cigarette onto his grass costume, having a hard time getting it back, and maintain his `cool' dignity.

The Cycle Lords came and crashed the party. To Johnny's consternation and relief, Lone Rider showed up and saved the day.

When Lone Rider himself as Michael, Johnny was shocked but relieved that he was alive, but at first, he seemed to want to take Michael On. However, Steph, Louis, Davey, and Goose immediately went to bat for Michael, since he went from nerd to badass biker. Johnny relented, and welcomed Michael into the gang with the gift of a T-Birds jacket, officially accepting him into the gang, even though they graduated the next day.

Johnny officially let go of Stephanie, and accepted Paulette and admitted he liked something in her.

Personality Although Johnny acted tough - he actually was tough - but that was what would be called on Television Tropes And Idioms a `Jerkass Facade'; Acts like a jerk and annoys people, but underneath he has a heart of gold.

Johnny shied away from two confrontations with a greater opponent, Leo Balmudo, a Jerk with a heart of jerk. Johnny was tough, but not in the ways of actual brawling.

And in this editor's opinion, I can see the T-Birds catching up to Lone Rider / Michael Carrington before he jumped Dead Man's Curve. Maybe roughing him up a little; Grabbing his arms, shaking, threatening, but ultimately backing away and not harming him. They were tough guys, but not vicious (unlike their paperback novel counterparts).

All in all, Johnny was deeper than he acted, like Danny Zuko, but was less physically aggressive.

Johnny's biggest physical outbursts were grabbing Louis by the jacket "There's no scene, alright?!" And when he grabbed Goose and shoved him up against the generator box at the Burger Diner "I dumped her, not versa-vice, got it?!"

Danny was a lot more physically aggressive: Slugging Andy when he had Danny pinned in a mock wrestling match. Stretching and snapping the baseball catcher with his mask, slugging a basketball player, threatening Artie when the latter quick-flicked the basketball a bit too quickly to him, and when he actually tried to launch himself at Leo Balmudo during the Thunder Road race.

Danny was of course more popular than Johnny, but had a lot more emo baggage

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