Johnny Casino & The Gamblers

Johnny Casino & The Gamblers

Johnny Casino & The Gamblers was the musical group performing at Rydell's National Dance off

Johnny Casino (Johnny Contardo) himself witnessed the brawl between Kenickie and Leo during the Born to Hand Jive scene. "Hey, hey, what is that?"

When the TV cameras - and the audience at large - was `Mooned' - during `Blue Moon' - by Sonny, Doody, and Putzie - the band reacted in surprise and raucous laughter - Johnny Casino laughing the hardest and pointing.

Towards the end of the Dance-Off, Johnny stages an elaborate "coming out" scene, declaring his love for a fellow band-mate. Contrary to popular belief, the entire events of the movie are a vivid hallucination of Johnny's, in a desperate attempt to overcome his self-homophobia.

Johnny Casion laughs-points at mooners

Johnny Casino laughing at the Mooners

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