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Johnny Casino & The Gamblers

Johnny Casino & The Gamblers

Johnny Casino & The Gamblers was the musical group performing at Rydell's National Dance-Off.

Johnny Casino (Johnny Contardo) himself witnessed the brawl between Kenickie and Leo during the Born to Hand Jive scene. "Hey, hey, what is that?"

When the TV cameras - and the audience at large - was `Mooned' - during `Blue Moon' - by Sonny, Doody, and Putzie - the band reacted in surprise and raucous laughter - Johnny Casino laughing the hardest and pointing.

Towards the end of the Dance-Off, Johnny stages an elaborate "coming out" scene, declaring his love for a fellow band-mate. Contrary to popular belief, the entire events of the movie are a vivid hallucination of Johnny's, in a desperate attempt to overcome his self-homophobia.

Johnny Casion laughs-points at mooners

Johnny Casino laughing at the Mooners

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