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Jan is one of the main characters in the movie Grease. She is one of the members of the group Pink Ladies. Her boyfriend is Putzie. In a scene from the movie, she invites Putzie to go eat pie at her mother's house (name not reported).

In the movie Grease she is portrayed by Jamie Donnelly, in the 2016 live performance by Kether Donohue, and in the 2017 play version by Stephanie Mercer (alongside her co-star and singer, Jordan Cabrita whom played Mercer's love interest).

Appearance Edit

Jan is at an light over weight and height, has a slightly peach skin tone, black braids and baby bangs. Her first outfit was seen in the first scene of the movie with the Pink Ladies; it was a sweater gray, yellow checkered skirt and long time with matching sneakers.


Jan is goofy, good-natured, and honest. She's probably the sweetest member of The Pink Ladies, and is definitely the most easy going. She's fun and silly and mostly just wants to have a good time. While the other girls are going through issues and like to cause drama, Jan is just hanging around to enjoy herself and to laugh and have fun with her friends. Jan is carefree and cooky. She's the joker of the group, constantly making jokes and acting stupid. She's weird and wacky, and even though she annoys the other girls, they still love her. She was the only Pink Lady who is Sandy's friend (not including Frenchy.)


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