Hopelessly Devoted To You is the the first solo sung by Olivia Newton-John


guess my heart is not the first heart broken
my eyes not the first to cry.
im not the first to know, theres just no getting over you.

i know im just a fool whos willing
to sit around and wait for you.
but baby can't you see, theres nothing else for me to do.
im hopelessly devoted to you.

but now
theres nowhere to hide, since you pushed my love aside.
im out of my head,
hopelessly devoted to you,
hopelessly devoted to you,
hopelessly devoted to you.

my head is saying, ooooooh, forget him
my heart is saying don't let go.
hold on to the end, thats what i intend to do.
hopelessly devoted to you

repeat chorus

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