This is a conjectural timeline for Grease 2. The Rydell School year would have been 9 months, starting 9-4-1961 and ended 6-15-1962 - ignore the incorrect dates on the June Moon Talent Show's Calendar Girls set pieces.

Partial timeline

9-4-61, Monday. Back To School Again and the first day. September First 1961 was a Friday, so up that to Monday the 4th.

9-12-61, Tuesday. The scene at the track / Score Tonight, Steph kisses Michael.

9-13-61, Wednesday, Mr. Stuart's arrival, Johnny Nogerelli swallows the cigarette he was hiding from Principal McGee after Goose clapped him on the back.

9-25-61, Monday. Talent Show Rehearsals / Try-Outs. Mrs. McGee said on PA during the first day of class that the rehearsals for the Talent Show would begin `next month' (October). They might have put the try-outs for the talent show earlier than October, maybe on the urgings of Stacie & Gracie. Ms. Mason seemed to get along with them the most, so perhaps 2 weeks after `Score Tonight'. That might make sense; Michael didn't see Steph for a couple weeks before he saw her again at the try-outs, and asked her about why she kissed him - then got reamed with `Cool Rider (Song)'.

9-26 Louis' essay "How Rome Fell"


It might have taken Michael months to build his motorcycle, finding the parts. Then figure a couple months self-training (also helped with his `tough' image by Frenchy).

Still working this section out

6-14-62, Thursday. Final dress rehearsal for the talent show. Most likely this was when Michael and Steph were at the Burger Diner.

6-15-62, Friday, Charades / June Moon Talent Show / Lone Rider's disappearance.

6-16-62, Saturday. Lani Kai Lani Luau. Michael & Steph reunited

6-18-62, Monday, Graduation pictures

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