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Frenchy is one of the main characters in Grease, a charter member of the Pink Ladies. Her boyfriend is Doody. She drops out of high school to go to beauty school (which fails), and later goes back to study chemistry, so she can make her own beauty products (Grease 2). Frenchy is played in both the 1978 and 1982 movies by Didi Conn.


Frenchy is a young woman with an average height, a slightly peach skin tone, brown eyes and curly, copper hair. Frenchy's style is bright and colourful. Her most memorable scene is probably the 'Beauty School Dropout' segment when she imagines Frankie Avalon is singing to her as her guardian angel. Frenchy also accidently dyes her hair 'easter egg' pink when she has trouble in her tinting class at Beauty School. She is often seen in her Pink Ladies jacket with the other girls.


Frenchy is fun-loving and flighty, but a very friendly member of the Pink Ladies. She dropped out of high school to enter Beauty School but later regrets this as she finds beauty school not what she thought it would be. </span>In the beginning of the movie she is already friends with Sandy Olsen. In Grease 2, she also welcomes Michael Carrington to a brand new year in Rydell. It's unclear if Frenchy and Doody are still an item. In The Grease 2 novel by William Rotsler, Frenchy's last name is LeFevre.

Frenchy was written out of Grease 2 halfway in, right after she and Michael were in the chemistry lab, and he chickened out of revealing himself to Stephanie Zinone as Lone Rider post-Who's That Guy?. It could be assumed that she completed her chemistry exam and finally passed, allowing her to graduate at the end of the movie.


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