Freddie "Slice'N" Dice is a minor character in Grease 2. A master with a switchblade. Played by Freddie Hice.

In the "Extracurricular Activities" scene (on the Rydell track where Michael Carrington was jogging), the T-Birds were confronted by their rivals, the local gang, the Cycle Lords.

Behind Leo Balmudo was Freddie, Balmudo’s Right-Hand man. Aviator sunglasses, sneering, wearing a gray bandana round his neck, curly dark hair.

When Louis DiMucci talked tough, Freddie laughed and tapped Balmudo on the back `Get a load of that dork, talking tough like that'.

Later, Freddie was at the Bowl-A-Rama, scaring off the T-Birds who thought Balmudo was alone. He did sing along to "He's lookin' for a rumble and some heads are gonna bust" but his lips barely moved at all.

At the Lani Kai Lani Luau, when the Cycle Lords invaded, Freddie was right behind Balmudo. It's unclear whether he was one of the Cycle Lords who flew into the pool when Lone Rider whipped their asses again.

Apocryphal (for fun):

Months after Grease 2, Freddie, like Leo, avoided jail time, and took his apparent `Slice'N’ skills with a knife and put them to good – in fact great use! In a plea bargain, he took up employment at the local butcher’s. His skills with a knife led to his slicing skills with a butcher knife and cleaver. His skills were so incredible, he didn’t need no stinkin’ deli meat slicer; By hand, he could slice a roast so thin it could only be seen with an electron microscope!

His skill was so great that in February 1963, several months after the luau fiasco, Michael Carrington and Steph Zinone hired their former rival to cater theirs and Johnny and Paulette’s weddings.

Years down the line, he passed his cutting skills to a his apprentice, who in turn taught Alton Brown.

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