David Adam "Davey" Jaworski is a character in the 1982 film Grease 2. He's the junior newer member of the 1961 T-Birds, and doesn't have a girlfriend until the end-of-school Luau, when he apparently starts dating Dolores Rebchuck. He is portrayed by Leif Green.

The youngest, smallest, most awkward of the T-Birds. Fresh faced and curly-haired, he was kind of a male version of Dolores, but not as spirited and cocky, and he had to work harder than the other T-Birds at appearing `cool'. He was a also a follower, but being a year younger than the others and a high school senior suggested that he might have jumped a grade, at least in Middle School. One thing of note: When he laughs, it's more of a `Nwah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah' cackling, easily distinguishable.

As Davey wasn't as financially `gifted' as his compatriots, he was the only T-Bird who was bereft of his own motorized transportation, therefore had to ride in Goose's motorcycle's side-car. He wore the same style of jacket as Johnny, but a red-white plaid shirt, and reddish-tinted cycling goggles.

Davey was the student in Mr. Spears' class that took the classroom's hamster, and handed it to Louis DiMucci , who in turn placed it on Vicki Hunt's desk.

Despite Davey's desire to be seen as `cool', he actually showed more common sense than his compatriots, who were overconfident in their Talent Show abilities. He saw that they needed a load of practice.

The scene where Michael Carrington agreed to do Davey's assignment "Sex Morality And The Animal Kingdom", exists in the script and the paperback, but it was either un-filmed or a deleted scene. ("I got this essay on Sex Morality I need help with, but if we do this, it's gotta be on the down-low, 'cause..." / "...Because you've `got a rep to protect'." / "Uh... right.")

Of course, like the other T-Birds, he was overconfident in the ways of dealing with hoodlums like the Cycle Lords. At the Bowl-A-Rama, when the T-Birds went to fight Leo Balmudo, whom they thought was alone, they were outnumbered, and swiftly retreated.

Dolores informed him that Balmudo was `getting his face mangled' by the T-Birds. Davey burst through the doors of the Bowl-A-Rama, ready for a fight... or at least assist in some way, blurting out, "Hey, where is that rat-face, Bal..muu..??" And then saw that he was surrounded. Before Balmudo could mangle Davey, Lone Rider zoomed in and saved his ass.

Ultimately, Davey finally got himself a girlfriend, Dolores Rebchuck.

In another deleted scene, Davey helped Dolores stuff her bra with tissues, so she was would appear to be `dating material' for him.

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