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Danny Zuko is the leader of the Rydell High School's T-Birds, and is one of the main protagonists of the movie Grease. He is to have a romantic relationship with Sandy in the end. His portrayer is John Travolta. After Grease, Danny and Sandy were married and had three children named Sydney, Ryan, and Nicky. Sydney was named after where Sandy lived in down under, Ryan was partially named after, Rydell and Nicky were partially named after Kenickie.

Appearance Edit

He has a flack jacket. He is the leader of the T-Birds.

Big tough guy in front of friends but really a sweetheart. Danny has black greased hair and dark eyes. He is a heart throb at Rydell.


Danny is tough and nice to all of his friends, but he sometimes gets tired of reminding his friends(not Kenickie) to man up and be cool. He has an image to be cool and he first acts like a jerk to Sandy because his friends don't like her. Danny is romantic and he very much is in love with Sandy.


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