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Coach Sidney Calhoun, Rydell's veteran athletics teacher. He was one of the best athletics teachers and coaches in the entire school district. Enthusiastic, `give 'em hell', and Gung-Ho! What set him apart from some other coaches was that he cared about his charges, as during the 58-59 semester, he had gone out of his way to help former T-Bird leader, Danny Zuko, find a sport that he could handle, helping him choose Track and Field.

In Grease 2 He was still going strong, a young man despite his years, his physique as youthful those of his athletic students, if not stronger. If Johnny Nogerelli was built like a tank, Calhoun was a freakin' Howitzer! He was trying to recruit as many fresh new athletes as he could to get Rydell out of their now 9-season slump! He was the best coach in the district, but not always the most successful, but he never gave up!

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