Andy the wrestler

Andy The Wrestler

Andy was one of Coach Calhoun's wrestling students. He was very large, but in a muscular way, and was nearly a foot taller than Danny Zuko, which scared the latter "Are you crazy?!" when Calhoun introduced Andy as Danny's wrestling partner.

On Calhoun's cue, Andy immediately pinned Danny, as he had an experience and size advantage. Calhoun had Danny attempt a hold, but on the cue, he immediately flipped and Pinned Danny, asking, "Give?"

"Yeah, give," Danny replied, defeated.

When Andy sat back, satisfied, Danny sucker-punched Andy with a 2-fisted wallop to the gut, making him double over and collapse, causing Calhoun to realize "He's a hitter!"

Andy was played by J. Andrew Kenny in an uncredited role.

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